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The works on paper are predominantly watercolour. It’s my fallback medium. I love its range and flexibility and I both paint and draw with it.

All works, watercolour or oil on paper, dimensions variable, 2011 – current

Photo credit Victoria Cattoni, unless otherwise specified

Water carries colour: I see the series as a long sentence, one still being written... In mid March of 2020, I was in Cairns in north-eastern Australia, staying within walking distance of the water. By late March, still in Cairns, I grasped for my watercolours in an attempt to fend off the escalating fear being thrust upon us as ‘the pandemic’ became immanent and we knew we were about to lose our bearings. Water carried colour and carried me away into suspended moments of stillness. I walked by the sea, sat, looking at sky and water. I knew it was critical that I harness the extreme unease I felt into something of beauty. I began with water and colour and soft brushes. Touching paper with watercolour and a soft brush requires a surrender. It requires both an acute focus and a willingness to concede loss of control. I breathe into the movements and marks, at times pushing the breath hard, forcing the water to carry the colour beyond the paper’s comfort. Photo credit Lucy Foster.

Terra: ‘Terra’ is earth… or land. The works are an internalised response to the layered landscape, as it reveals itself through the hues of changing light. (Completed at Foundation Obras Art Residency in Portugal 2018)

Works on paper 2014-2017: These non-representational watercolour ‘drawings’ are akin to the works on canvas in approach in that there is no direct reference to the observed world. I often utilise sticks as well as brushes with these works; sticks that I collect while walking through the urban and rural landscape. The works were completed in Portugal (Foundation Obras), Hobart and Melbourne.

Still lifes and observational works: These works are direct responses to bits and pieces of found organic matter from both the natural and domestic environment. (Foundation Obras Art Residency, 2012 and 2015)

Watercolour works: A selection of watercolour works from Singapore and Portugal.

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